//  Origin:  Manila/Boracay, Philippines
//  HomeBase Asia:
Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines
//  HomeBase USA: San Francisco, CA
Short Bio
Professional Kiteboarder, diver, wellness yoga Instructor, kinetic artist and Business Development Consultant. 
A multi-awarded student from St. Scholastica's College Manila and  De La Salle University, graduated with a Double bachelors degree in Organizational Communication with Advertising Management. Armed with creativity and passion to aid in personal and collective transformation leading to harmonized communities one with the planet. Spearheaded an array of projects around the world together with other outstanding individuals  spreading heart-centered authentic living through flow, Aman KiteSurf Centre and Maui Kite Fest.

In 2015, finished on top of her sports career as Philippine and Asia's Women's Freestyle Kite Champion; now dedicated to using her voice and talents in various community service programs centered on ocean stewardship and women empowerment. A spokesperson for ADEX Singapore on her Carbon-Free-Fun initiatives which leads to community service programs to further help preserve the ocean'ecosystems.

This project is a seedling, inspired by her adventures as seen from her former blog.

From branding, events management, photos, videos and producing cool stuff. There is no shortage of things to be explored with this one.