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Take a peak inside the life of a true waterman. The unsung heroes of the ocean both on a surfboard, behind diving gear, a kite and in between those glorious moments playing in the water is a lifelong passion of preserving our planet; which we all know by now is threatened with variables that can lead us down to extinction. A behind the scenes teaser of a documentary that we shot last November 2019; together with the help of @jenniferyih, I was able to pursuade these two @duwheresmycar and @justinkdavey to feature my beloved home country (where everything always “goes as planned”) and the work of my fellow watermen. Our message is loud and clear, mass tourism, developing insfrastructure to replace natural landscapes is not a good sign of progress. Protect your only home, the planet is made up of 70% ocean and so are you 💚 - Enjoy the warmth and positivity

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