Retrocast your year 2030

April 17, 2020

A Sense Making Workshop to the new world we aim to rebuild

How and where do we begin? Integrating Planet Home/Robert Suarez's Planetary Solutions Taxonomy together with learning to listen to your heart through various meditation and contemplation practices, we will begin to understand a starting point for the new world we want to rebuild, a place steaming from abundance rather than lack that is in line with a sustainable planet for everyone.

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Maui Kite Fest 2019

May 31, 2019

SETTING THE SKIES ON FIRE AGAIN this June 1 & 2, 2019 - The Maui Kite Fest returns for 2nd annual kiteboarding festival. Sixty two locals and foreign riders converged at Kanaha Beach Park for a fun-filled weekend, spectators enjoyed the action from land or sea as our riders compete against each other on racing, freestyle, foiling both for women and men. Last year’s action included Kai Kai Drexler, our youngest competitor and winner of the foil freestyle discipline, local Naish heroes Karlie Thoma & Tim Walsh on the freestyle podium and ACTAI members Dan Lasen and Nick Levi from San Francisco showing the kids how it’s done with some serious Big Air action. 


Aside from the competitive arena, the Maui kite community gave full support for the love of the sport and the ocean starting of with a beach clean up and traditional Hawaiian ceremonies led by Kamehameha VI to bless our festivities. 

And behold, the wind gods has blessed us showcasing why Maui is the heart of kitesports.


Butterfly effect & Tatiana Howard showed mutual support as the girls paddled their way into our event site where food trucks and other local products are there to enjoy for the whole family in between the action. The event gave smiles and good vibes to everyone topped with traditional Hawaiian luau ending the weekend festivities in true Hawaiian tradition.


We hope to bring a bigger and better fun filled event for everyone on June 1 and 2 at Kanaha Beach Park, hope to see you there. 


December 31, 2018

Amanpulo Kite & Surf Centre offers a non intimidating, luxurious and comfortable haven for Amanpulo guests to get into the exhilarating sport of Kitesurfing.

Ocean Goddess Retreat Asia

April 04, 2018

Let the Ocean be your Playground....

Let's face it, we all know girls shred harder with other girls.

In our experience, having other females around who are going for it in life is the most motivating and empowering thing ever.


We have designed a retreat that will get you on the water and get you fit and healthy - all without the guys ! There is no minimum level required to join.


Hosted by a team of professionals you will spend your days doing watersports, eating yummy food, doing yoga and much more.


In every single thing we do, we are conscious of the environment and our local community. For you, this is a completely guilt-free trip, optimized to make you feel super healthy and fresh.


Our motto has always been "leave a place better than you find it" so we are partnering with the Mariposa Foundation. A part of each ticket sold will go towards beach cleanups, organized and executed by awesome young women who surf and love the ocean as much as you do.


We hope to see you soon !


XX SUSI and the Team

Kitesurf Filipina Style at AmanPulo Resort

December 31, 2017

AmanPulo launches it's 2nd season of kitesurfing in this island paradise this festive season with Mike Hirooka (Miami, FL) and Paula Rosales from the Philippines.

This Amihan season December to March 2018 - AmanPulo offers kitesurfing to its guests and other kiters from around the world to experience this relaxing but thrilling sport on their world class beaches. 

Mike and Paula will be in AmanPulo this holidays, and hoping to fly with you.

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Girl on Fire Kite Camp - Elite Class 2017

October 30, 2017

The Girl on Fire Kite Camp Elite Class is a perfect balance of fitness and lifestyle from one of Asia's top female kiteboarders, Paula Rosales (Former Philippine and Asian Freestyle Women's Champion). The Camp is designed to help you progress in kiteboarding in a fun and empowering environment together with a mix of Yoga and Proper Nourishment at one of the Philippine's top Kitesurfing destination, Kingfisher Resort, Pagudpud, Philippines. 

Integrity Flow Yoga

October 01, 2017

If you're a water or ocean athlete, Paula's class is perfect for you!
Connect breath with movement to strengthen the body and mind. In this class we develop a strong transformative inner heat to purify our muscles, joints and organs. This practice strengthens the nervous system and willpower and calms the mind. All levels.


May 01, 2023

Choose your own Xciting Palawan adventure with Paula Rosales may it be with a Kite, a bike, surfboard, SUP or through a waterfall hike; there's always a special adventure awaiting for you.

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